Saturday, April 13, 2013

Movie Review: The Croods

                                                     Victor's ''The Croods''  Review      

I like the Croods mostly because of the funny parts.One part had the dinosaur dog roll off a cliff while in another a saber-tooth tiger was about to eat the dad when a meteor crashed outside the cave and then it went close to his torch frightened.Their hunting style was pretty crazy. It was like they were playing hot potato! The dad wanting the grandma to be dead was super funny too. The ''ideas'' part was funny with shoes,portable home,snapshot,and more crazy inventions. The story was cool too. It was a great movie!

Everybody came; Kahlan, Aaron,Tristan,Shayna, Me, Daddy, and Mami. There were no interruptions; we were able to enjoy the movie peacefully.The movie is cool and I reccomend that you watch it!      

By Victor Brown